That Dumbass Show's Bio/History

 That Dumbass Show originally started back in 2000 but they guys never thought about filming any of it. In early 2009 Donnie and Chris decided to start filming there stupidities and post them on YouTube to see how people would react to them. After months of uploading there videos and gaining many fans and having them ask us for more and better videos they decided to start "That Dumbass Show" And in early 2010 Season One was released, selling over 500 copies across the U.S

After the release of Season one the guys received a lot of feed back from there fans, some people laughed, some people were shocked and others were silent but over all they demanded more. Bigger, Better, Funnier, Sicker, Longer, Meaner and with new members. Over the next year "That Dumbass Show" made a lot of changes and expanded, but more importantly they were filming for Season two. And on January, 3, 2011 Season Two was released.  And the fans loved it, they raved about how funny and original the comedy is. Season 2 has lit a fire in many areas for them, not only with there fans but also with movie rental places. The show is now available for rental at certain locations and they are working hard to get more places to rent them out to the public. 

After months of hard work and a long thinking process and a hell of a lot of filming, planning, traveling, talking and waiting  season three was finished. And it was released on July 11th, 2011. Season three was considered to be the best  season by far. After the release of season three they guys took a break from pranks but they never stopped filming. The guys decided to give there fans a behind the scenes look at who they are outside of pranks and stunts so they got to work on the "Behind The Scenes" DVD.

The "Behind The Scenes" DVD was released Oct 10 2011. This DVD takes you far beyond the stupidities of the That Dumbass Show. The BTS DVD is a backstage look at who the guys are as people and follows them in there own adventures along with new never before seen footage, extras and more.

In January, 1, 2012 they guys released a "Best Of" DVD. This disk consist of the best and ugliest stunts, pranks and pains of all three season in one amazing disk. This DVD was made for the fans more then anything, The fans hand picked each video to put in this DVD. 

After the release of the BTS DVD, they guys got back to work filming for there biggest season yet, season four. And this time around the guys wanted to do something different, something no other comedy show is doing, they guys added 2 female members to the roster. Season Four was released April, 9, 2012 and it has been said that this is the best season they have ever made. It's bigger, faster, and original. In this season you will see the guys you have come to enjoy watching get hurt do thing's you never thought of and never seen before. In this season the guys let it all hang out and put it all on the line.

The guys are currently filming there fifth and final season which is scheduled to be released in 2014....

                     "LATEST EPISODE"

Season Four

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